Nicole Hoeft

Painting is my form of meditation.   There is a tension between reality (realism) and the abstract.  I am continuously fascinated in the beauty of lines, texture and how the slight difference in hue can change the feeling of an entire painting.

When painting realism, I struggle to loosen my control and inverse, when painting abstractly, I desperately seek the familiar.

I find the complexity and process of building layers the most satisfying.  At the end, perhaps only a suggestion of the original layer remains, but understanding that even those layers that are unseen, are a part of the foundation.  The painting can not exist without them.  Like life.

Most paintings are built with molding pastes, inks, and acrylics followed by charcoals, oil mediums and glazes.


Are you interested in seeing how I work?  Follow me on Instragram or watch my YouTube Channel!


One thought on “Artist Statement

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